I miss listening for my dad’s car to come home from work at midnight so I could sneak out my window. Now there’s no car and when I hear the alarm noise at midnight there’s no way he could even be home.

I miss your good morning texts and how heavily I depended on them. I miss all the sleepovers and stoge breaks and my shitty attempts at cooking for you. I’ve never had such a giant crush on someone before  and i still care about you more than either of us deserve. 

I miss your laugh. I miss when i was hella innocent and for some reason you became by best friend and taught me how to smoke weed and socialize. I’d walk to your house and talk to you for hours about everything on my mind. You introduced me to everyone you know and held the entire group together.  I think about how lucky I am to have been there with you at both your best and worst since you did the same for me